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Gold in Ballarat

Broo Ltd  is pleased to announce that it has acquired, through a wholly owned subsidiary, 15 hectares of Industrial land located on Ballarat Western Link Road within the new Ballarat West Employment Zone (BWEZ) Industrial Park from Major Projects Victoria.

The Company plans to develop a major brewery facility at the site over the course of the next 24 to 36 months. Once developed, the brewery will provide the Company with substantial capacity for production of its own beer and other beverage products, as well as the capacity to provide contracted brewing services for 3rd party beer labels. The brewery facility will provide the Company with supply capacity for the national and international distribution of its labels.

This significant site is earmarked to be the home of the “World’s Greenest Brewery”, the Broo Brewery. The Company is proposing to construct a World class facility showcasing the world’s most advanced environmental and manufacturing technologies. The planned production capability will be up to 480 million bottles per year making it one of Australia’s largest breweries.
Ballarat provides a significant permanent population from which to resource employees and boasts a significant tourism opportunity. The brewery has the opportunity to capitalise on the approximate 1.5 million tourists already visiting the region per year, whilst also attracting many new ones.  

The Company’s goal is to create a development that will seamlessly blend a world leading production facility with a unique visitor experience. A must-see destination that sits in the landscape, rather than upon it, showcasing our ‘One Planet’ approach to co-existence, a place that domestic and international visitors will experience and remember. From our visitor’s centre and hospitality venue to brewery tours, beer museum and Energy Education Centre right through to a range of outdoor recreation, entertainment and cultural activities. This multi-functioning outdoor space will house concerts, expos, markets and outdoor events in a safe, secure and green environment.

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Welcome to Broo Country Mildura!

Broo Limited has acquired the The Mildura Brewery, located in the former Astor Theatre, Mildura,Victoria.This unique, locally operated beer production and brewery pub has been in operation since December 2004.

The Mildura Brewery was one of the first Craft Breweries and contract brewing facilities in Australia. It has played a significant role in the establishment and growth of the Australian Craft Beer Industry.

The acquisition of the Mildura Brewery beer production business will provide the Company with a commercial brewery facility to immediately commence its own beer production, providing the Company with the opportunity and capacity to expand distribution of its beer products nationally.

As part of the acquisition, the Company will also be acquiring the various Mildura Brewery beer brands currently being produced at Mildura Brewery, and which the Company will add to its existing product portfolio.

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